Useful Knowledge to Help You Understand about Modular Closets

Modular are storage system made of various pre-built units. These units could consist of shoe racks, hanger bars, shelving or drawers.

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Many closet storage companies create modular units of the same basic size so the customer has the option of which piece to choose. For instance, several units could be of the same height and width made to fit in the same amount of space, yet serve different purposes. One could contain open shelving, another may have pull-out wire drawers and the third could feature combination of , drawers and hooks.

Modular storage sections made for modular closets are usually sold disassembled and include all fittings and hardware needed for assembly.

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Tools such as hammer or screwdriver may be needed to assemble the pieces. Once all the pieces are assembled and put together into the closet space, the look is often that of built-in closet system. In order to get professionally fitted look to modular closets, careful measuring is necessary.

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Double hanger bars are common feature of modular closets. Traditionally, closets are built with one hanger bar installed near the top of the closet. This is meant to hold all types of clothing. Wasted space tends to result as bar to hang shirts plus bar to hang folded trousers can fit in the same amount of space. Coats, dresses and robes do require the full, traditional hanging space, so most modular closets systems include section to allow for that.

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Modular organizers can be fitted into regular closets or walk-in types. Walk-in closet is one that is large enough to stand in the middle of in order to select items to wear. These larger closets are usually included in master bedrooms. Modular closets systems may be made from wood, metal or laminated wood products. Some modular closets include drawers for jewelry, scarves and other accessories as well as storage space for laundry hamper.

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Modular Closets