Useful Knowledge to Help You Understand about Partners Desks Better

Partners desks are a large office desk that’s designed to fit two workers facing each other.

Elegant classic partners desks images

Elegant classic

Partners desks are mostly associated with the United Kingdom and Victorian styles are considered valuable and desirable antiques. One of the most well known partners desks is the rectangular, elaborately carved desk given to the 19th American president, Rutherford B. Hayes, by Queen Victoria in 1880.

Basically, partners desks look like two single desks pushed together back to back, except the desktop isn’t split, but is instead one complete surface.

Stylish map partners desk gallery

Stylish map partners desk gallery

The two bases are also doubled and offer storage options on each side. While a partners desk may have exactly the same type and number of cupboards, shelves and on each side, some partners desks have a different combination of storage options on each side of the desk.

Indo-Dutch Colonial Partners Desk Picture

Indo-Dutch Colonial Partners Desk Picture

Because a partners desk is complete with closed cabinets and drawers on both sides, it looks great in the middle of a room rather than pushed against a wall like regular single desks. This type of desk also needs enough office space so that all the storage as well as the can be properly accessed by two people. Partners desk also suit one person who works with clients regularly or who needs a lot of desk storage as well as a large work surface.

Exotic partners desk design

The top of an antique Victorian partners desk is often made of leather in a golden or . The wood used may be mahogany or walnut. Dark finished oak is also popular on 19th-century antique partners desks. These desks are classically elegant and often feature brass drawer pulls.

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Partners Desks