Various Decorating Ideas For Small Living Room

So you have very small living room and don’t know how to decorate it? Don’t worry. This post tells you about small living room design ideas that would help you enhance the look of your small living room to make it appear grand.

Soft colored small living design

Designing small spaces with is certainly task. Especially, when you want to stuff in essentials and still want the space to look grand. What I mean by essential stuff here is TV, sofa or , , coffee table, shoe rack and jacket hangers at the doors, etc. And fitting all this in smaller space is indeed challenging. If you do not want your small living room look like dumping ground, it is better that you start thinking about some smart small living room design ideas that would maximize the utility space in the room. This post shares some living room designs for small spaces that you can certainly consider to get extravagant look for your small living room.

Small Living Room Design Tips

Wooden Cabinets Small Space Living Room Images

Mirrors: Mirrors are the best way to add that grandeur to your small living room. It gives the endless and huge look to the room and creates the illusion of the bigger space. So try to include mirror works on the walls and tables. It also looks very exotic and ethnic. You can try variety of mirror mosaics that would help you enhance the look of the living room. It is certainly one of the best living room designs and ideas that you must give try.

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Glasses: Glass is the best tool to fool the eyes when it comes to very small living room design. They occupy the space without hiding them and so all the spaces are visible making your small living room appear large. Another advantage of glass is that it reflects light and so makes the space bright and larger. Instead of wooden coffee table or TV stand go for glass tables and other furniture pieces made from glass or crystals, etc.

Colors: Stay away from dark colors while small . Dark and bright colors only fill the room and give them fuller look. Instead go for pastel yet fresh living room colors such as, lemon yellow, light green, peach, etc. Apply the same rule to the upholstery colors and designs. Go for small and pale designs instead of bold and big prints.

Tidy and Cozy Small Space Living Room Design Ideas

Height of the Furniture and Cabinets: If you want to have fancy cabinets in the living room go for smaller cabinets, say up to waist length. Taller cabinets again make your room appear fuller so stay away from them. Apart from this, go for small furniture pieces instead of big ones.

Accessories: If you are planning to add various accessories to the living room then go for smaller ones, for example, if you are planning to put paintings in the house then go for smaller square paintings or pictures instead of large ones as they consume more wall surface area and make the room appear small.

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Shape of the Furniture: In small spaces, avoid using the standard square or rectangular shapes. It is better to go for round and abstract shapes as they easily fool the eyes making your room larger. For example, opt for the round coffee table as their distentions are open and circular and they also provide an extra space for mobility. You can also choose the sofa that is oval or curvaceous instead of square one whose dimensions are fixed and defined.

Glamorous Small Living Room Design for Tiny Spaces Ideas

Windows and Doors: It is advisable to have sliding windows and doors for small spaces as they occupy less area and are easy to operate. Always go for glass windows as they make the space appear larger. Go for the doors that open outwards so that you get extra space inside the room whenever the door is open.

With the above tips on small living room design, you can try various decorating ideas for small living room that would suit your space and needs. You can also try various color schemes and thematic interior decorating ideas in your living room. Now you know how to decorate living room with limited space, so go ahead and create your own small living room design that involves your personal desires and matches your lifestyle.

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