Various Styles Garden Hand Tools for Small and Large Garden

Whether your garden is large or small, garden hand tools are a must and purchasing the right garden hand tools is even more important.

Funky exotic wheelbarrow run smoothly on tires

Funky exotic wheelbarrow run smoothly on

Garden hand tools come in a wide variety of styles and uses and whether you have a small garden or a large garden, there are specific hand tools that you will need in order to keep your garden looking good. Many of us are all too aware of the hand tools they need and have quite a collection but for those that have recently acquired a garden, for hand tools can be quite a task.

Here are some of garden hand tools.

Various styles hand tools for garden

Various styles hand tools for garden

A spade is a gardeners must have and can be used for many jobs such as planting new plants and trees, turning over and digging new borders and rockery . The height of the spade is really important and not many home owners give this much thought when shopping for a spade. Smaller hand tools such as hoe’s and trowels are also must haves for gardeners and can be used for planting, and tidying up small and large rockeries.

Garden hand sheer picture

Garden hand sheer picture

Garden hand sheers are also an essential hand tool to have and can be used for pruning and tidying small plants and trees. Hand sheers may need sharpening regularly and should be done so safely to ensure they are in the best condition. Small garden hand tools such as forks and trowels can also be purchased in a set and there are some really good quality sets on the market.

Finally a good quality wheelbarrow is a must whether your garden is small or large in order to move and transport garden waste safely and easily. Always shop around and try out different models of to ensure you purchase the correct one and always ensure the size of the wheelbarrow is ideal. The more a wheelbarrow holds the heavier it will be to move and this should affect the type and style you purchases.

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