Various Types of Bedroom Nightstands to Accommodate Different Needs

Bedroom nightstands can be made from a variety of materials and in to accommodate different needs in the bedroom.

Bedroom Nightstands

Beautiful mount bedroom nightstand design

Some Bedroom Nightstands are simple tables that will hold a lamp, alarm clock, and perhaps a glass of water, while others may feature , drawers, or cabinets for added storage and convenience. Some may be made in a certain style, such as the Victorian style or a mission style, while others may be custom-made to the homeowner’s preferences or simply built to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Some of Bedroom Nightstands are quite simple and will complement a , while others are more ornate and will complement a flashier space.

solid wood rectangle bedroom nightstand picture

Custom-made Bedroom Nightstands are likely to be the most expensive pieces. These will be made by a furniture maker or carpenter who can interpret the homeowner’s for the pieces of furniture and produce bedroom nightstand that are beautiful and functional. These pieces will take longer to make and deliver to the homeowner, and the cost may be too much for some buyers, but the homeowner will get exactly the piece he or she wants for a custom bedroom.

Round teak bedroom nightstands design ideas

It is common for bedroom nightstand to be sold in pairs, one for each side of the bed. These units will usually be identical to each other, both in the style and in the type of materials used. The homeowner is likely to spend less overall if he or she buys a set rather than buying each individual piece separately, but the initial cost of the set may be quite high.

Modern White Bedroom Nightstand Gallery

Some examples of the different styles of bedroom nightstands include Victorian, arts and crafts, mission, colonial, Dutch, and Shaker. Doing a bit of research into each style will help the homeowner find which will fit the desired aesthetic of the room as well as the functionality he or she desires. Some of these styles are quite simple and will complement a cozy room, while others are more ornate and will complement a flashier space.

Bedroom Nightstands

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