Various Types of Porch Fences in Order to Choose the Perfect One for Your House

Porch fences may be used for ornamental purposes or for functionality, and many provide both.

white vinyl porch rail wood fence design

white vinyl porch rail wood fence design

Privacy porch fence has solid construction, typically of wood, and does not allow neighbors to see through the enclosure. Alternately, semi-private porch fences may conceal the area, while allowing illumination and fresh air to come through. For , many choose to install wrought iron porch fences that are durable and made to withstand all .

Given below are some types of porch fences. Keep reading on!

Vinyl porch stair railing and wood fence

Vinyl porch and wood fence

porch fences are designed mostly for country style homes and farmhouses. These are typically constructed with two, three, or four horizontally placed rails. A fence is commonly made of wood, although other materials may be used. Vinyl fences are made to be durable and attractive, and typically complement all types of exterior decor. Vinyl fencing is typically seen in white or tan and offers great protection from the elements. Often chosen for strength, most vinyl fences never need replacing.

Spindle porch rail

As an alternative to wood porch fences, some people prefer bamboo. Although it resembles the appearance of wood and is similar in texture, bamboo is actually a grass. Typically grown in parts of Asia, bamboo is used for making furniture and ornamental pieces. Due to the strength and durability of bamboo, it is often used for making porch and patio fences. Porch railings are similar to traditional fences, although they do not fully enclose the porch. Porch railings are often placed alongside of stairs and used as handrails. Railings are typically made of aluminum or wrought iron.

Decorative Porch Fences Iron Railings Picture

Decorative Porch Fences Iron Railings Picture

Chain link fences have been used for many years to secure porch areas and yards. Typically constructed of galvanized metal, the chain link fence is popular for securing pets in an enclosed area or for keeping others out.

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