Wall Decorations: Best Suggestions for Kids Room Design

Need ideas for for kids? Here is a post with suggestions to decorate kids’ rooms with the best .

kids girls room decor with wall ideas

Kids’ rooms are the place where you can add all the colors, making it bright, just the way they make our lives by their mere presence. Whenever I think of children’s , I can only describe the decor in one word, “FUN”! I remember how I enjoyed spending time in my room putting up my own drawings and pictures and admiring them. I loved my bright and decorations and so I would like to share with you a few ideas for wall decorations for kids’ rooms.

cheerful kids rooms wall decoration ideas

cheerful kids rooms wall decoration ideas

There are various ideas to make wall decorations for kids’ rooms look young and fun. Make one wall of the bedroom the wall of fame. Color this wall differently. If the rest of the room is pink make this one wall bright red. Striped wall like yellow and green. You could have hand-prints of your child on the wall in the shape of a frame; this hand-print frame can enclose your entire child’s artwork that he or she is proud of. This adds the personal touch to the room.

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Cute Wall Decorating in Kids Bedroom Design

Cute Wall Decorating in Kids Bedroom Design

Every young boy has a favorite superhero and every girl dreams of being Snow White or Cinderella. You can put up cut outs of these or even better would be painting these on the walls, make perfect wall decorations. A wind chime with trinkets from your child’s favorite bedtime story, at the window is just perfect!

Shelf of memories; is a must have, in every child’s room. You could put up pictures of your family on picnics, a family portrait and all those pictures which make wonderful memories. A shelf for all the trophies and certificates is necessary as well. A wall of fame will definitely boost your child’s morale.

Flower Lighting Kids Room Ideas

Various stores have these self adhesive wall decorations which look like embossed decorations once you put them up. There are various kinds of wall decorations for kids’ bedrooms, such as butterflies, bees and flowers. It can actually give a theme to the kids’ room decor and the best part is you can keep changing them, and it does not cost a lot.

These were a few ideas about wall decorations for kids’ rooms, to make them look attractive to kids. A little effort in decorating this room will add that lovely smile on your child’s face.

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