What You Need To Understand Concerning Handheld Food Processors

Handheld food processors are device that is small enough to be lifted or held in one’s hands and is used to chop or puree food.

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Unlike food processors, handheld food processor does not usually have large bowl in which the food is chopped; instead, it just releases the processed food through chute where it can be collected in separate bowl or pan. Another type of device that is sometimes called handheld food processors also is known as an immersion blender, and it is long cylinder that has rotating blade on one end that can be placed directly into bowl or pan to chop or puree food.

One type of handheld food processors are designed to be lightweight version of .

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These usually have motor that is contained in small base that turns cylinder-shaped blade known as drum. The drum can have different patterns cut into the surface that will chop food in . Above the drum, there may be small chute that is used to feed ingredients into the handheld food processors, where gravity will push the food against the drum. The chopped food drops into the center of the drum and then rolls out of the machine through another chute once processed.

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Another type of handheld food processors looks like small, compact cylinder with transparent compartment on top. This processor is designed to chop small amounts of food and is very light, allowing it to be picked up and shaken or emptied as needed. The motor for the unit is in the base of the cylinder, with set of blades on top of that. The food is placed in chamber on top of the machine, where the blades are, and lid is secured on top. After the food has been chopped, the processor is lifted and inverted to empty its contents into dish or pan.

Sometimes an immersion blender is called handheld food processors. This is long, thin, stick-like device that has pair of blades on the bottom of the unit that usually are partially covered by protective shield. The unit is placed directly into food, after which the blades are activated, chopping or pureeing the food in the container in which it is sitting.

Handheld Food Processors