Wonderful Ideas to Have the Best Christmas Mantel Decorations

Choosing the best doesn’t have to be difficult.

Christmas Mantel Decorations

inspiring Christmas mantelpiece decoration

Measuring the mantel and taking stock of other decorations in the room can provide a great start for mantel decorating ideas and solutions. Including traditional and non-traditional items among the choices can start new family traditions when it comes to Christmas Mantel Decorations.

The amount of decoration that can be placed on a mantle largely depends on the size of the mantel. Measurements of the depth, from front to back, and length will help you get a of the types of Christmas Mantel Decorations that will work with a specific mantle. Available height along the mantle or any objects that will impede with taller decorations should also be taken into account.

Using a theme throughout the room can help when picking out Christmas mantel decorations.

This includes themes related to colors, objects, and figures. Popular themes include traditional red and green decorations, objects such as snowflakes, and figures such as Santa Claus and elves.

Sticking with traditional decorations can make decorating a mantel quick and easy. Small versions of Christmas trees, poinsettia plants, and simple garland can all fit on most mantels and help add a touch of Christmas spirit to the room. Stockings hung along the mantel during Christmas can further expand upon a traditional Christmas theme.

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Considering non-traditional decorations when choosing Christmas mantel decorations can also bring in personal and seasonal touches. This can include a bowl of fruit, such as oranges, displayed with pine cones or for a seasonal flair. Other options include choosing items in colors such as blue and purple.

Starting with an idea of what type of decorations to add to a mantel can lead to choosing one or two focal pieces. These will typically be the largest items on the mantel, such as a plant or figurine. The remainder of the decorations should tie in with the focal items, but they can also be used to bridge the gap between decorations in the rest of the room.

Other more personalized ideas exist for decorating a mantel during the holiday season as well. This includes displaying photos of past Christmas and holiday memories or placing cherished collectibles on the mantel for display. Candles in holiday scents, such as cinnamon, vanilla, and evergreen, and colors, such as red, green, and white, can also help bolster a mantel display during the holidays.

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